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  1. Cathy

    Your website is great! I love the ice cream fun facts!

  2. admin

    Thanks you for your kind words, you are our first visitor. I have added you to our links page.

  3. Charlie

    WOO HOO!!!! We missed you over this long, cold winter! See you soon (we’ll bring our friends, too)…Julie, Charlie and Dave Myett

  4. George

    I’m looking forward to renewing my Polar Cave addiction! Professor eBay.

  5. admin

    I missed you too. Thanks for the Charlie Cola bottle as well.

  6. admin

    Looking foreward to seeing you – got a KIDS cone with your name on it for you!

  7. Deb

    Awesome ice cream!! John’s Pond Turtle is my favorite!

  8. Vinchenzo Locascio

    I miss REAL ice cream =/

  9. Trisha

    We can’t live with out Polar Caves ice cream. We make it our Friday nite dinner after golf.
    Peanut Butter Cup is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Victoria

    Polar Caves ice cream is the best on cape cod!!!!!!!
    The waffle cone is what makes it even better!!!!

  11. mark

    Best Ice Cream around. Wood Chips look great also. See you soon.

  12. kara and howie

    i love the ice cream it is the best i cream i have ever tasted in my whole life!!!!!!! i will come back soon lol love the ice cream bye

  13. kara and howie

    butter crunch is my favorite my dad’s is banna and my mom’s is black raseberry

  14. kara and howie

    we just brought my mom their for the first time she loved it i hope i can bring my sister next time for her first time too!!!!!!!!

  15. Charlie and Julie

    Hello and best wishes for a peaceful holiday for you and your daughter, the Myett’s p.s. good to see you are doing okay!!

  16. Rich

    Papa Bear, and Family,
    The polar Cave is the best place to spend any day, especially those Best Days and Nights of the Year!
    Thank You for all you do and continue to do for our Community through serving your Fabulous flavours and your Fabulous and Friendly personality.

  17. Stephanie

    I love coming to the polar cave! I come there everytime im at my grandparents house and it always brings a smile to my face! The service is great and so is the ice cream! the waffle cone is the best!!

  18. Michelle

    The sun is out and I have fully completed my annual Polar Caves rehab, and am ready to get addicted again. Can’t wait till your doors open and I can get my “fix”. Any idea when you will be opening your doors for 2010?

    – your faithful customer!

  19. Bill Roberts

    I’m ready whenever you are. Just dusted off my carrying tray for your outstanding Bananna Split. Stormy awaits her vanila as well.


  20. Peter Okun

    I Hope your Opening this past weekend went great, even though you might have got the dates wrong.
    We love you anyway can’t wait to see you soon

    Pete & Ann

  21. Rick

    Thank goodness you’re open!!! Great Ice cream, great thick shakes. The winter was wayyyyyyyyy too long. Take a look at http://www.capescapes.smugmug.com anytime after April 6, 2010 after 8 pm to see the pic that graces my home page. You’re all great!!!!

    Rick & Carol

  22. Sue

    Aaaaaaaaaah, all is finally right with the world. I had a Polar Caves hot fudge sundae last night. It was everything I remembered and more!!!! Thank you Mark.

  23. ris

    LOVE the ice cream<3333333


  24. Mirrisa!

    hey you make great frappes!!!! oreo cookie with extra oreo is my favorite! Hope to be coming back soon!!

  25. Michelle

    Finally! I can get my mocha chip close to home– um, too close — i think we’ve been there every night since you opened- the guy already has our order memorized! Yikes!!
    Michelle & Jeff

  26. Stacey & Emily

    me, my little sister, and our family visit cape cod every summer. we were looking up some different places to go. our favorite hotel is on the same street as youu. we <3 main street- so many things to do. so we'll have to stop by. we love ice cream and can't wait to taste yourssss ! <3 happyy summerrr woo hoo to cape codddd ! ! ! [:

  27. Richard Stone

    Love your Ice Cream, have brought many friends and house guests through the years. My house guests always ask to go to Polar Caves as one of the things they have on their list of things to do when they visit.

    Keep up the good work.

    ps, I think this is one of the main reasons they visit.

  28. Varoline

    Best. Ice Cream. Ever.

  29. Jim D.

    Just discovered the Polar Cave and all I can say is “yum!!!!!!” My wife and I had the strawberry cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone. We are totally in LOVE with this place. (After we ate the cone we went into our home gym to work off the calories because… we know this place will be our new addiction and we could end up gaining a lot of weight!!!!)

  30. Richard Putnam

    Our family would like to wish yours a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with good health and happiness. You have agreat product and run a great operation. Again we appreciate you displaying our brothers coke items among your collection. Thanks and keep up the good work. Hoping to come up next summer.

  31. nanchi

    i like it’s too much every month in a year.

  32. nance

    Hi! Thank you so much for the delicous ice cream last evening! I had just run/walked 4 miles for the first time in I don’t know how long and that deeeliciouse vanilla ice cream with the fresh waffle cone just hit the spot!!! This newly relocated “local” is so happy to have found you. Can’t wait to bring my summah visitors to you!
    p.s. the screen door were open and it truly felt like spring should feel!!!

  33. Erin Letsky


  34. Sue and Michael

    Help ! We lived in Mashpee for over 10 years. I want my Polar Cave Ice Cream !!! We moved to South Carolina back in 2005. It may be nice down here, but let me tell you, they need some serious help when it comes to Ice Cream, !!! Help!

  35. Greg Bell

    Thank you soooo much for making my vacation back home to the cape amazing! The Polar cave chant is famous within our family and friends and now the fact that we stopped there first before even saying hi to any of them will go down in the Bell family history. We made sure to pencil in PC (AKA the Cave) on the schedule every day. So now I personally blame you for the 10 pounds I gained while on vacation, but it was well worth it.

    Will you guys be joing facebook anytime soon?

    It would be great to see you on there. Thanks again and have a great rest of your summer.

  36. Sarah F.

    I was visiting Cape Cod for a few days and discovered the Polar Cave and may I say it is the BEST ice cream I’ve ever tasted! And I love how the waffle cones are made right there in front of you! My pick was the pistachio and wow was it amazing! I’ll have to go back sometime and try all the other flavors as well πŸ™‚ Best Ice Cream I’ve EVER had.

  37. Matthew Sheridan

    Your ice cream is awesome! i am from new york and i come here every year. this is my new fave ice cream shoppe

  38. Mr. Virginia

    Polar Cave is the best place! Thanks again for yet another amazing summer…

    See you next, or the winter if we’re lucky!

  39. Suzanne Greene

    Very nice to meet you tonight in my store (Cape Kaleidoscopes), especially since you enjoyed yourself so much. Hmmm… Let me know if you’d ever consider doing a trade. ;)) I’ve been known to eat ice cream at least once a day, and I especially LOVE yours!

  40. Wendy

    Awesome!!!! I am craving… craving… craving….

  41. Matthew Sheridan

    i cant wait for cape cod in august! well, i still have too wait for next cone there so bye πŸ™‚ and i cant wait for next ice cream

  42. Matthew Sheridan

    sorry i meant πŸ™

  43. LILLY ( from Cape Cod Cannolis

    I will tell you I may have 124 flavors of Cannolis BUY I still love your Ice Cream ! See you soon !

  44. Katherine


    Glad to see your folks are open (AT LAST!) Looking forward…..why am I checking to see when the cave opens? I have never checked on any other seasonal shop????? Could it be the fun visits, great ice creams or even, BOTH?!
    Can’t wait!

  45. PapaBear

    Love trade – do it for many of my services. Let’s talk.

  46. Matthew Sheridan

    I am in cape cod today and for the next six days, i hope i can go to your amazing ice cream parlor. My personal favorite is the soft serve n the gigantic cone. Hope 2 go!
    bye πŸ˜€

  47. Matthew Sheridan


  48. Matthew Sheridan

    I hope to go to polar cave i am in need of ice cream! πŸ™‚

  49. Matthew Sheridan

    I hope to go to polar cave i am in need of ice cream!

  50. Norma h

    hey there. Was in recently for an ice crream and your eyes lit up when I told you about my Coke bottles. I have harry potter chamber of secrets. Bc 2001 men’s hockey national champs. Red sox 100 season’s. And some NASCAR from 2001- #43. And #45

  51. Alice

    Lov, love, love your ice cream shop!!! Especially Moose Tracks in a warm waffle cone YUM!!!

  52. ray from texas

    great ice cream
    need 2 Qts of rich chocalate and 1 Qt of strawberry
    ray from texas

  53. Anna

    i LOVE this place! Waffle cones <3

  54. Anna

    Polar Cave is an awesome ice cream place! Their waffle cones r absolutely fantabulous! EVERYONE GET MOOSE TRACKS ITS AMZINGGGG

  55. Clarissa

    You have cute guys working there

  56. Amber

    As always your ice cream stand blows away any others!! Your staff is always so helpful and friendly too. My favorite is the hot fudge sundaes. Not only is the fudge on the top but on the bottom too!!! What an awesome idea. You sure could teach other ice cream stands a thing or two.

  57. roxanne cabral

    We live in mashpee and wont go anywhere elsewhere else for ice cream…best ice cream and super service β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘

  58. Cathy Kelley

    Great ice cream. Wonderful customer service. Have to go there every year!

  59. Lynda

    I went to get my favorite peppermint stick ice cream tonight, I tiripped and I fell before I got to the door. Mark and a few wonderful patrons rushed out to help. Mark sat with me as “I took a few breaths”. I love Polar Cave ice cream and the owner is wonderful too. Thanks for your help.

  60. PapaBear

    Next time you don’t have to throw yourself at my feet to get my attention, a simple “hello” will suffice. Yes, keep the inhale/exhale thing going please. See you soon for another Peppermint Stick.

  61. Hugh Jaynus

    This is the best ice cream place I’ve ever been too, period. I get the mama bear mocha chip in a waffle cone because it’s outrageously delicious. And the names on the back of the shirts are hilarious. All around a fantastic answer to a hot summer night.

  62. Judi

    The best ice cream on the cape! The owner and staff are so helpful. It was a 90 degree day and my kids and I were stopping by as a last stop before going home for the weekend, the cc machine was down and the atm they suggested was out of order. All I could picture was going back outside where the kids were waiting for the ice cream and having to tell I didn’t have the it. The owner said that I could pay them back another time and to take the icecream and enjoy it. I was so appreciative thier generosity meant a lot to me! It says a lot about the kind of people and business they run

  63. PapaBear

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments. Technology is a wonderful thing when it works – however not when you needed ice cream for the kids. Having a happy guest is far more important than a $10 bill.

    See you on your next visit.

  64. Gwen

    The best ice cream and fresh warm waffle cone on the planet!!! Owned and personally served by the most generous, community involved, always happy guy ever!! Thanks Mark for all you do and the best peach ice cream around!!

  65. Mike, not Leo & Donna

    Happy spring Mark. Saw the Polar Cave mentioned in the Globe! Well deserved.
    See you soon.

  66. PapaBear

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you. Happy Spring!

  67. Jen Atailya

    This place is a gem. The ice cream is always delicious. Great fun, inviting atmosphere. I only have to drive 15 minutes to get there, but I’d drive 45 minutes if I had to. It’s that great an experience.

  68. Perry-Delaney Family

    Hi all,
    I am sure you already know this but as a former Mashpee resident and our family as polar cave fans, I thought you might like this.
    We love you guys and always try to. Visit when down visiting!
    The Perry-Delaney Family

    Sent from my iPhone

  69. Perry-Delaney Family

    Sorry. There was a photo attached. But I don’t think it showed
    But it was a an article from the Sunday Boston Globe about places to go for ice cream four dog. And Polar Cave was listed. Of course I am. It surprised as you rock it. Keep up the great works

  70. Willy B. Hardigan

    My kids and wife love the cave! Super family-friendly place. The best on the Cape by far.

  71. PapaBear

    Thanks for thinking so highly of us.

  72. Betsy Connolly

    I love ice-cream and I believe that Polar Cave has the best coconut chocolate chip almond ice-cream in the world

  73. Casey

    The inside scoop registration is not working!

  74. Dusty Taynt

    One word, three syllables. Delectable.

  75. PapaBear

    Thank you for letting us know. It has been fixed.

  76. PapaBear

    Much appreciated.

  77. PapaBear

    Now that’s quite an honour – Thank You

  78. Ted

    WOW, without a doubt the best ice cream I have ever had, the owner makes the waffle cones to order so they are so fresh and the portions are very generous. Up until a year ago I lived in West Barnstable and after dinner almost every night I would “crave the cave” so much that I would drive the 15 to 20 miles to have my favorite ice cream passing by 2 or 3 other ice cream joints along the way,now I live in Mashpee and I’m not sure if I moved here to be closer to the Polar cave!! If you have not tried their ice cream you don’t know what your missing? This place makes the boys from Vermont look like amateurs. If there’s a line don’t worry the atmosphere is great and the line moves very quickly, and most of all its so worth it!!!!

  79. PapaBear

    Thank you for such a great review, we strive to make each and every visit a truly memorable experience for each and every guest. I thank you for your loyalty and look forward to seeing you again soon

  80. Mike Wheef

    The polar cave is the highlight of my family’s summer! It’s a hit with kids. And the vintage Coca-Cola decor brings me back to my childhood. A must-see place for anyone vacationing on the Cape.

  81. Mike Wheef

    I made 5 visits to the Polar Cave this far this summer. This ice cream is addicting!

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