Polar Cave Ice Cream Parlour


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  1. Alice

    Lov, love, love your ice cream shop!!! Especially Moose Tracks in a warm waffle cone YUM!!!

  2. ray from texas

    great ice cream
    need 2 Qts of rich chocalate and 1 Qt of strawberry
    ray from texas

  3. Anna

    i LOVE this place! Waffle cones <3

  4. Anna

    Polar Cave is an awesome ice cream place! Their waffle cones r absolutely fantabulous! EVERYONE GET MOOSE TRACKS ITS AMZINGGGG

  5. Clarissa

    You have cute guys working there

  6. Amber

    As always your ice cream stand blows away any others!! Your staff is always so helpful and friendly too. My favorite is the hot fudge sundaes. Not only is the fudge on the top but on the bottom too!!! What an awesome idea. You sure could teach other ice cream stands a thing or two.

  7. roxanne cabral

    We live in mashpee and wont go anywhere elsewhere else for ice cream…best ice cream and super service ♡♡♡♡

  8. Cathy Kelley

    Great ice cream. Wonderful customer service. Have to go there every year!

  9. Lynda

    I went to get my favorite peppermint stick ice cream tonight, I tiripped and I fell before I got to the door. Mark and a few wonderful patrons rushed out to help. Mark sat with me as “I took a few breaths”. I love Polar Cave ice cream and the owner is wonderful too. Thanks for your help.

  10. PapaBear

    Next time you don’t have to throw yourself at my feet to get my attention, a simple “hello” will suffice. Yes, keep the inhale/exhale thing going please. See you soon for another Peppermint Stick.

  11. Hugh Jaynus

    This is the best ice cream place I’ve ever been too, period. I get the mama bear mocha chip in a waffle cone because it’s outrageously delicious. And the names on the back of the shirts are hilarious. All around a fantastic answer to a hot summer night.

  12. Judi

    The best ice cream on the cape! The owner and staff are so helpful. It was a 90 degree day and my kids and I were stopping by as a last stop before going home for the weekend, the cc machine was down and the atm they suggested was out of order. All I could picture was going back outside where the kids were waiting for the ice cream and having to tell I didn’t have the it. The owner said that I could pay them back another time and to take the icecream and enjoy it. I was so appreciative thier generosity meant a lot to me! It says a lot about the kind of people and business they run

  13. PapaBear

    Thank you for taking the time to share your comments. Technology is a wonderful thing when it works – however not when you needed ice cream for the kids. Having a happy guest is far more important than a $10 bill.

    See you on your next visit.

  14. Gwen

    The best ice cream and fresh warm waffle cone on the planet!!! Owned and personally served by the most generous, community involved, always happy guy ever!! Thanks Mark for all you do and the best peach ice cream around!!

  15. Mike, not Leo & Donna

    Happy spring Mark. Saw the Polar Cave mentioned in the Globe! Well deserved.
    See you soon.

  16. PapaBear

    Thank you and look forward to seeing you. Happy Spring!

  17. Jen Atailya

    This place is a gem. The ice cream is always delicious. Great fun, inviting atmosphere. I only have to drive 15 minutes to get there, but I’d drive 45 minutes if I had to. It’s that great an experience.

  18. Perry-Delaney Family

    Hi all,
    I am sure you already know this but as a former Mashpee resident and our family as polar cave fans, I thought you might like this.
    We love you guys and always try to. Visit when down visiting!
    The Perry-Delaney Family

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  19. Perry-Delaney Family

    Sorry. There was a photo attached. But I don’t think it showed
    But it was a an article from the Sunday Boston Globe about places to go for ice cream four dog. And Polar Cave was listed. Of course I am. It surprised as you rock it. Keep up the great works

  20. Willy B. Hardigan

    My kids and wife love the cave! Super family-friendly place. The best on the Cape by far.

  21. PapaBear

    Thanks for thinking so highly of us.

  22. Betsy Connolly

    I love ice-cream and I believe that Polar Cave has the best coconut chocolate chip almond ice-cream in the world

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